Dustin Girard is Given the Oregon Athletic Trainers’ Society Young Professional Award

March 23, 2018 – Portland, Oregon

The inaugural Oregon Athletic Trainers’ Society (OATS) Young Professional Award was awarded to Dustin Girard, ATC during the OATS Annual Business Meeting in Portland, Oregon on March 23, 2018.

The OATS Young Professional Award was created to acknowledge the work of done by an athletic trainer with no more than 12 years of experience in the profession who embodies the ideas, goals, and mission of OATS.

Dustin is the owner of Profound Strength, an athletic training and strength and conditioning facility, in Eugene, Oregon. Profound Strength’s specialty “is keeping athletes active while recovering from athletic injury.” Dustin has served on the NATA’s Committee on Revenue’s Terminology Workgroup, the NATA’s Committee on Practice Advancement (COPA), and was the leader of COPA’s Communication Workgroup.

“Dustin is an excellent choice for the inaugural OATS Young Professional Award,” OATS President Sam Johnson, ATC said. “He is pushing the profession in new directions. His business showcases the benefit of having access to an athletic trainer to individuals who may have not worked with one before – this is great for the profession as a whole. Additionally, his work with the NATA Committee on Practice Advancement has been instrumental in the growth of the profession into new setting. What impresses me most is he has done this while still being considered a young professional in the field.”

OATS Vice President Heather Halseth, ATC noted Dustin’s compassion and caring by saying, “He is always approachable and his willingness to help and be involved in incomparable.”

“I have referred multiple athletic trainers or athletic training students to Dustin for advice on taking a different athletic training career path,” Johnson said. “I know in several cases Dustin would end the call with, ‘Why don’t you come down and visit the clinic and see it for yourself?’ This is more than I would have expected but shows a dedication to helping others interested in expanding the scope of athletic training.”

Athletic trainers are health care professionals with expertise in the prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of acute and chronic athletic injuries and conditions. The mission of the Oregon Athletic Trainers’ Society is to enhance the quality of health care provided by certified athletic trainers and to advance the profession of Athletic Training in the state of Oregon. The mission shall be accomplished through strong working relationships, education, and fellowship among athletic trainers and who they influence.