Athletic Training Awareness

OATS AT Awareness Week 2016

It’s that time of year - school has started and sports are in full swing! In order to increase attention of how athletic trainers support the health and safety of athletes, OATS is holding its first Athletic Training Awareness Week from October 13th through October 21rd. We want the public to understand what athletic trainers do on a daily basis and how we care for athletes of all abilities. We want to show the public our many roles that include, but are not limited to, injury prevention, emergency care, treatment and rehabilitation of injury of acute and chronic injury. This event is for all ATs, schools, and organizations that want to show their dedication to athlete safety and quality care for athletic injuries. In order to do this, we have a number of ways you can help spread awareness of ATs in Oregon:

1. Post pictures, status updates, and tweets using #AT4Oregon showing athletic trainers in action. Make sure OATS is tagged in the post as well the school, club, or organization.

Encourage your athletes, coaches, parents and friends to post pictures of ATs in action. We want everyone to participate to show their dedication to sports safety!

2. Follow OATS social media outlets. We will be very active during this week. (See links at the bottom of the eblast.)

3. Help quantify the impact you have by counting the number of patient contacts you have during Awareness Week. Not just the number of treatments, but how many patients you have contact and ultimately impact. For example. A patient asks you a quick question, but it's not something you need to document - that's a patient contact. You teach someone a new stretch - that's a patient contact. An athlete comes in to the AT facility after practice to ice bath for recovery - that's a patient contact. Whenever you have a patient contact count it. Let's see what the number is for the state. Think about the power of telling an administrator you had X number of contacts during one week or a legislator that ATs impacted X number of patients during one week. We know it is asking you to do something more, but we believe it could be a very powerful message on the impact and reach we have.

4. Invite a legislator to a game to see what you do behind the scenes as an AT. If you are interested let us know. We have a list of legislators that might be interested and we can help get you up to speed on things you can talk to the legislator about.

5. Use the week to check your contact information on your school's website to make sure it is up to date and provides athletes, parents, and the public with what you do.

6. Whatever else you can think of - it is a great week to show off what we do as ATs! Be sure to let OATS know.

Thank you in advance for your participation and support! Together, we can increase awareness for athletic trainers at all levels!

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